Ravi Ganesan is currently the co-Founder of Maya.Ninja LLC which is a platform for the commercialization of inventions in privacy and security. The projects include: Hawk and Seal (acquired by Authentify) focused on a novel way of end user and transaction authentication, Privacy Enhanced Geolocation (acquired by Early Warning) focused on a new way of geolocating users without leaking private information, 3pTALK (acquired by Authentify) focused on using PKI technology for secure app based messaging for the healthcare vertical, Identity.Ninja focused on new app based methods for identity proofing, SafeMashups focused on application level security protocols and methods for blinded identity federation and Vidyat focused on content management for instructional multimedia material. Before founding Maya.Ninja Ravi had been an information technology entrepreneur and business executive with over twenty years of progressive leadership experience.

He began his career in information technology at Verizon where he eventually served as Vice President of Distributed Operations leading a team of over five hundred IT professionals in managing complex mission critical systems. He then served as Vice Chair and Chief Technology Officer at CheckFree Corporation (sold to FiServ) where he was part of the leadership team that led the Company through a period of explosive, profitable, growth. He then struck out as an entrepreneur and founded TriCipher (sold to VMWare) a start up in the security technology space. He raised three rounds of venture financing and led it as CEO until 2006, when the Company accomplished record revenues and was positioned as one of the leading providers of security technology to the financial services industry. He then co-founded Maya.Ninja a vehicle for commercialization of intellectual property in the areas of privacy and security. Ravi also spent a year as Research Professor at the Institute for CyberSecurity, at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and served as an Operating Partner at at The Comvest Group where he co-led four investments, three of which have already had successful exits.

Ravi holds a Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University, an M.S. from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a B.E. from Anna University. He is also a successful innovator (with over sixty issued and about twenty pending patents) and an unsuccessful musician (with over fifty songs, none of which have received any airtime).